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利馬- 秘魯短宣10天 10days Lima-Peru Short Term Mission

posted Apr 12, 2011, 6:40 PM by lincy.chow@brooklynalliancechurch.org
布碌崙宣道會將會在7月29日(星期五)至2011年8月7日(星期日)去利馬- 秘魯短宣10天。短宣隊將會在一個青少年英語夏令營事奉。我們歡迎你跟我們一起事奉。有關短宣詳情和報名,請盡快聯絡梁健衡弟兄,林景彬弟兄, 或林崙文珊姊妹。 5月15日 截止. 請熱切為此禱告.

BAC Mission is initiating a Lima-Peru STM that will take place from July 29- August 7 2011. Participants will serve in an English camp for the youth. We welcome everyone to serve. For information and registration, please contact Steven Leung, King Pan Lam, or Sandra Lam. The deadline is May 15. Please pray fervently for this STM.