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夏令會 Retreat

posted Apr 27, 2015, 1:10 PM by doris.yeung@brooklynalliancechurch.org
本堂與恩典華人宣道會合辦之2015年夏令會將於7月2-5日在賓州東方大學(Eastern University. PA)舉行,中文講員是魏健智博士,英文講員是David Eng-Wong。今天開始接受報名至六月十四日截止。參加四日三夜者基本收費:成人$250、兒童(三至十一歲)$175、三歲以下免費;五月廿四日前報名可享受優惠減價$10。如參加三日兩夜者基本收費:成人$190、兒童(三至十一歲)$128、三歲以下免費。五月廿四日前報名可享受優惠減價$5。因基本收費只能支付賓州東方大學費用,其他大會費用約需要$3,500尚未計算在收費內,故需特別奉獻支持此次夏令會,請報名時在報名表附加特別奉獻。報名或查詢詳情,請聯絡陳瑋儀姊妹。
This year we have combined Retreat with GCAC at July 2nd to 5th at Eastern University.  Chinese speaker  is Dr. Timothy Ngai and English speaker is David Eng-Wong. We start to register now till June 14th.  The basic price for 4 days and 3 nights are$250 for adult, $175 for child (age 3-11) and free for kid (0-2).  Early bird, by May 24th, will have$10 off.  The basic price for 3 days and 2 nights are $190 for adult, $128 for child (age 3-11) and free for kid (0-2). Early bird, by May 24th, will have $5 off.  Since the basic price is the actual cost for Eastern University, and we need $3500 for other expenses, please feel free to add your offering to support.