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額外認獻 Addition Offering Pledge

posted Apr 6, 2015, 11:48 AM by doris.yeung@brooklynalliancechurch.org
ADF初步審閱教會的建堂借貸申請後,認為教會每月的奉獻須增加至少$2200,方有機會獲批貸款。理事會決定邀請弟兄姊妹作出特別認獻。認獻表於今天(4月5日)派發,並於下主日(12日)崇拜中收回。According to ADF's initial evaluation of the new property mortgage, our church new additional donation of $2200 per month.  GB decided to invite B&S to make an addition offering pledge.  Pledge forms are distributed on April 5.  Please return it on April 12.