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2013 理事、董事及核數員提名 2013 GB,Trustees and Auditors nomination

posted Nov 17, 2013, 6:53 PM by doris.yeung@brooklynalliancechurch.org
提名委員會已提名以下弟兄姊妹為下屆理事、董事及核數員,名單如下:理事: 陳周月萍(團契)、李永雄(總務),文書及財政空缺;董事: 梁俊傑,一個空缺;核數員:周國盛,兩個空缺。如會友另有提名人選,可以進行會友提名,可向提名委員會索取及提交表格,12月1日下午2時截止。
Nominating Committee has nominated Governing Board members, Trustees and Auditors as follows, GB: Moona Chen (Fellowship), Johnson Lee (General Manager),  opening for Secretary and Treasurer; Trustee: Kit Leung, one opening; Auditor: Stanley Chow, two opening.  If any members would like to nominate, please obtain the form from Nominating Committee and return it by Dec. 1, 2013 2pm.