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1. 因應疫情的蔓延,教會已暫停所有聚會。322日開始,主日崇拜將會透過網上直播進行,請弟兄姊妹在崇拜開始前(主日下午三時正),登入以下連結,同心敬拜 : https://youtu.be/SwsqfTnlex4





Encouragement from C&MA district:

當你與你的教會度過這場危機時,不要忽視我們是誰。記住- 我們是聖靈,尋求更新,宣講聖經,相信神的醫治,不怕冒險來跟隨神的福音宣告者。

As you shepherd your congregations through this crisis, do not lose sight of who we are. Remember - we are Spirit-filled, renewal seeking, Bible preaching, healing believing, gospel proclaiming risk takers who learned from our founder that people who advance the Kingdom are presence dwellers who say "yes" to Jesus with uncompromising obedience, even when we're called to walk in a way we've never walked before. God bless you all.

Recent Announcements

  • 「齊送平安大行動」Give Peace Loving Event 1.       在疫症陰霾籠罩下,許多人都有莫名的恐懼。作為神的兒女,我們希望把屬天的平安跟別人分享。佈道部將於連續4個星期六早上舉行 「齊送平安大行動」,詳情如下: 日期 時間 地點 內容 3/21 早上10-12時 T大道教會 製作平安包,約100份 3/28 早上10-12時半 T大道教會 派送平安包予福音茶座 長者 4/4 早上10-12時 U大道街站 於U大道擺設街站,與街坊分享福音信息及平安包 4/11    歡迎所有弟兄姊妹參與是次行動,請按可出席的時間,自由參加。詳情請向黃黎美蓮姊妹查詢。
    Posted Mar 13, 2020, 3:44 PM by Chun Kit Leung
  • 生命之道取消全部第一季課堂 因新型冠狀病毒的疫情持續,生命之道第一季的課堂會全部取消,並順延至第二季舉行。為幫助大家仰望上主,堅定前行,「中神」決定推出「生命之道」網上版:疫境共行,有關報名及詳情,將盡快公佈。
    Posted Mar 13, 2020, 3:32 PM by Chun Kit Leung
  • BAC 夏令會 Summer Retreat 7/24 to 7/26/2020 夏令會將於7月24至26日在新澤西州 America’s Keswick舉行,講員是李德桐牧師。請向陳瑋儀姊妹報名,BAC Summer Retreat will be hosted at America's Keswick from July 24 to 26, 2020, speaker will be Rev. Tak Lee, please take the registration form from Jazmine.Registration Form
    Posted Mar 16, 2020, 1:58 PM by Chun Kit Leung
  • 青少年EYG團契茶會 青少年EYG團契將於2月16日主日崇拜後舉行一個為贊助青少年人參加Lake Champion福音營而籌募經費的茶會。歡迎所有弟兄姊妹出席及作愛心奉獻,請禱告記念並預留時間參加。
    Posted Feb 1, 2020, 6:05 PM by Chun Kit Leung
  • 智利短宣 Chile STM 2020 智利短宣將於4月16至5月1日舉行,請禱告記念,並積極祈禱考慮參與是次宣教事工。有心志參加者,請向林倫文珊索取報名3月15日截止。
    Posted Jan 13, 2020, 4:41 PM by BAC admin
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Due to spreading of the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) throughout the whole world, Brooklyn Alliance Church has some public health safety suggestions to our Brothers and Sisters,

 1)請遵守並按照美國疾病預防控制中心 CDC 規定,所有從疫情廣泛或持續社區傳播的地區起(3級旅行健康警告), 留在家中14天。

 As per current CDC guidelines, a person who have recently returned back from the time you left an area with widespread or ongoing community spread (Level 3 Travel Health Notice). must be quarantined for 14 days at the direction of US Health officials. 


 2) 如果有發燒、咳嗽、或呼吸系統疾病症狀,請留在家裡,並盡快向醫生求診,特別是最近曾到過國外旅行,或接觸有來自國外的訪客。

Stay home if any of the following symptom occur: coughing, fever, running nose or any kind of respiratory infection. Also please seek a help from your physician ASAP especially for those who had travelled foreign countries or contacted with person from foreign countries.

5) 在聚會前請清潔或以消毒洗手液消毒雙手(教會有洗手液提供)。注意個人衛生,減少不必要身體接觸如握手及擁抱。

Please wash your hand with soap or use hand sanitizer (church provided) before worship, fellowship or any type of meeting. Please keep yourself clean, lower or stop any unnecessarily touch like hand shaking or hugging.

6) 請為各地已確診受感染的人禱告,求主憐憫醫治。同時祈求主保守前線醫護人員的安全,求主加能添力。

Please keep your prayer for those have the virus, ask our Lord for mercy and healing. Also ask our LORD to protect our frontline medics safety, give them a strength and peace.

More information from NYC Department of Health:

NYC Department of Health

or World Health Orgnization (WHO) 

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak 

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